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Inner-energy Healing

"Before you heal someone, ask them if they're willing to give up the things that make them sick." -Hippocrates

What ails you?

here to listen and intuit

Live to radiate love within oneself, to those around us, and to all beings in the universe. I bring peace and stillness through my presence and voice so it is quiet enough to hear your soul speak.

As a keeper of the akashic records, my role is to guide individuals inward, to the source of their power, and facilitate the opening of their body's Akasha.

When you are ready to hear the truth- your spirit will respond. Within your hall of records exists the vibrational imprint of all past events, emotions, and experiences. Here we can find the memories, feelings, or emotions that may be holding you down, so they may be resolved.

Lower-vibrational thoughts and feelings are the limits we place on ourselves; they may hold us back in our ability to tap into inner strength, health, and energetic wealth.

There is a place we can go, where you may release and absolve the pain and feelings that have kept your body and mind in dis-ease.

The journey can be so realizing, that once you've felt the essence, it feels natural going back,

just sit and stare.

If it is for healing, we'll speak to your organs, sending energy and instructions to your cells. This can be part of your daily practice, a minute or more of focused attention toward your healing journey.

Energy healing is a complement to any medical treatment, an alternative approach where the healing comes from the WILL & RESOLVE of your spirit.

inner Self-Care

When we can't see things by ourselves, it can take another to give us insights, maybe a guide to enlighten the path.

Modern Scribble Oblong

Hi, I am neema

Previously engineering medical devices to end suffering, now empowering individuals in realizing the potential of the most powerful device in the universe: the human body and mind, united by consciousness.

Inner-energy healing works with the energy that has always been stored in your body; waiting for your word to unlock the potential within. This is a very old practice and with the support of special practitioners; orchestrators of the very particles, atoms, and proteins that make up your cells. It is a quantum affair. Reminding your body of its innate ability to heal, renew, and evolve.

As a practitioner of the Akashic Records; I frequent the space which holds the collective wisdom and information of all beings, accessible through deep states of consciousness. It is here that I can receive insights into your life's purpose, lessons, and well-being.


Reach out in an email and let me know if the price is an issue. I will be steadily raising the price as this practice grows.

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Reading ||Akashic Gateway

$88 | 60 minutes

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Remote Energy Healing

$88 | 30 minutes

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Continued Guidance

Anywhere in the world

In-person Sessions

our journey

There is no list of healing methods to choose. The gateway session is our introduction and understanding of where you need support, followed by a healing.

Akashic Gateway

We always start with tea time; it's an oral tradition. There is space for you to share and receive energetic support to release anything that may be present safely.

When you feel ready, we will enter your Hall of Records. Come with questions and an open heart. Your guides have messages for you, which you may want to write down. Visitors tend to leave with just as much insight as they can carry.

Directed Energy Healing

The Akasha helps identify energetic blockages in your chi, and when these barriers are acknowledged, they open, allowing your river of life to flow more freely. The energy work sessions are most effective when your chi is in motion.

Love and trust strengthen our interconnectedness, enabling us to tap into the power of quantum nonlocality, also known as remote healing and distance healing. The space between us does not matter. I will be your guide, so just listen, feel, and heal.

Continued Sessions

I wish for you all to find your healing in one session. I know that when you experience the essence-of-self, you'll feel empowered to return by yourself, even for a minute. If you wish to further our journey then we can go into deeper work with regular sessions.

There is an international offer, for in-person visits, with a day of tea and dialogue. Furthering our sessions, but with more space, making harmonies, dance, breath, and walks through nature sipping chi. I also come with goodies and healing tools.